Identify This Animator, Identify This Animation

I need some help from the experts!

First, please identify this man. He is an animator at the Lantz studio. 

Here he is being explained at length a scene with Oswald (the realistic, unappealing version):

Who was he? Here's what it's from, a newsreel on how cartoons were made from 1936, called Cartoonland Mysteries:

Maybe he's Tony Stark. I can see it now: Invincible Iron Man: Animator Before Inventor.

Secondly, there is this scene from The Three Stooges short A Bird in the Head, when an x-ray reveals that Curly has, well, just that.

The scene is animated. I believe it was Emery Hawkins, and that I've heard that somewhere. I think he may have been at Columbia's animation studio at this time. Do you know? Here's the short itself:

Thank you, anyone.

My review of John Canemaker's Nine Old Men is up.


A Message for Jose

Hey user called Jose! I answered your comment. I'd like to talk to you more! Either comment on this post, or send me a private message on the Golden Age of Animation Forums! That is all.

My review for A Cast of Friends is up, as well as a tab for my book and the new, mysterious Wackytoons!. Please read them!


I'm Back...and Next on the Disney Treasure Agenda

Happy 2023! Sorry I was gone so long. Christmas made me busy. Hopefully I’ll be active more, and that I haven’t lost any readers!

For Christmas I got my next Disney Treasure! This time it was Mickey Mouse in Black and White. Not the best volume. It wasn’t even chronological!

Other cartoon-related Christmas stuff was John Canemaker’s Nine Old Men, Looney Tunes: Mouse Chronicles, an Oswald plush, and a The Three Caballeros shirt.  

That's all for now! May 2023 be a great year!


How About Charles Solomon's ENCHANTED DRAWINGS? (And Drawings and Stuff)

I had asked back in November if Enchanted Drawings was worth a buy, for that book I'm writing. Has anybody read it, and can they help me? Did Charles interview the participants? Was it just from watching the crap? Help!

The writing of the book has started. Here's an excerpt:

Now that there was sound, and Disney was a literal overnight success, the other people-once at war with each other-now declared war on one man in Burbank. They did this by adapting to sound.

Two years after Steamboat Willie, the most successful cartoon studio of the Twenties, Pat’s Sullivan’s, decided to join the act. Their character, Felix the Cat, had paced and danced his way across screens with only a local theater organ to join him. But if he could survive sound was a legitimate question. Sure, Felix was a bona fide star, but he had reached his eleventh birthday that year, and it may become true that he was overstaying his welcome in a new world. 

Felix’s creator and director himself, Otto Messmer, was not himself interested in the Disney films. “To me a mouse is a repulsive thing,” he said. But he had no choice but to see if Felix was going to turn out to be a fad, or Mickey instead. 

Do you like it? Instead of starting with the Silent Era, I begin with Steamboat Willie, and introduce the other characters (Fleischers, Terry, Lantz, etc...) by telling their Silent histories. I think that's a lot better than dwelling on J.R. Bray and so on, when they will have no bearing on a narrative already overloaded with characters and stories.

Here's a drawing of Bink and Mandy. I'm currently trying my hardest to figure out what to do with them! I'd like to do them as a book, but I think their format (three-panel one-gag) would fit a magazine better. I'm thinking of a "fan periodical". But what?!

I have a new essay: "Childhood Cartoon Memories".


Oswald Returns?!...and More Drawings

I'm sorry, Blogger "Kid", but I've gotta show my last few "lined" drawings. These are not meant to look good; they're just random doodles, to at least give an idea of what rubs through my mind daily. This'll probably be the last for a while:

I have now had to get a grip on their designs, now that they're gonna be published by early next year. I promise, "Kid", that better art will be up more often soon.

Completely by accident, I discovered that a NEW Oswald short has come out! I'm glad Disney has decided to cater to the Golden Age fanboys, especially since Ozzie is one of my favorites. We will watch and discuss it on the Golden Age Forum, so head over there. 

My newest essay is "The Death of Animation Design and Cartooniness", which may be controversial, but I took my stand against the "animated sitcom"!

New reviews are The Fleischer Story and the aforementioned Oswald short.


New Project and THE FLEISCHER STORY Debacle Solved!

My newest project is an actual book of three-panel comics, at least fifty of them, called Bink and Mandy. I'll now give you a preview of some of the pages, uncolored currently (click for a better view):

Cool, huh? These will be colored and put together in a ebook for whatever amount. Here's what I'm coloring right now (incomplete, obviously):

Fully, there'll be more color.

If you're a good listener, you'll remember that I said recently that I had been delivered the wrong book instead of The Fleischer Story. Well on the 10th I finally got the book. As an apology, the guy literally sent me two cartoon DVDs: a Digiview Cartoon Craze built around Gabby and a Goodtimes Lost Cartoons Famous Studios collection. By far the oddest cartoon event to happen to me all year.

Only thing written so far is a review for John Canemaker's Felix.


The Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen

This video is a guy vomiting, so if that's not your cup of tea, don't watch it. Otherwise, I laugh so hard at this I am usually crying, especially when he checks if he peed himself (0:11).

As an update, the links are now in a tab above.


More Recent Art, Frustration with Kamden Spies, and a NEW Film!

Here's art from the last two weeks, a lot more recent and better. These were drawn in an old schedule book I never used that I had in high school. 

Swing it!" is a Curly Howard line. 

As you can see, my art has advanced significantly lately.

I am slightly mad at Kamden Spies. I went on his blog, Termite Terrace Headlines, and requested in a comment that he include my site on his blogroll, not only did he not do it, but I saw this:

Rude! If somebody comes begging me to put their blog on here, I'd do it! If it seems like I'm being self-absorbed, I've gotta advertise somewhere.

No essays, but my first written-commentary: The Little Whirlwind! Check out the Commentaries tab and click "Disney"!

Newest reviews are for the short films Sunbeam and The Prince and the Pauper, and the books Chuck Amuck and Before Mickey

I now have a new short film in the works: "You Never Can Tell", based on Chuck Berry's classic song from his 1964 album St. Louie to Liverpool. He died in 2017, and this is dedicated to his memory. Check out the "My Animated Films" tab for information.

Funny anecdote: today I thought I was receiving The Fleischer Story in the mail from Ebay but instead got some book on Pre-Code Hollywood! What the heck?! As a bibliophile, this is a first. And Saturday I received the history book Attack and Die with no dustjacket! This must be because it's Christmastime, right?

Dedicated to Winsor, for starting it; to Walt, for refining it; and to Tex, for expanding it.