First-Month Anniversary!

Today is the first-month anniversary of this blog. I must say I am very happy with all you people out there for making it a-so far-big success!

The biggest special thanks go out to asc43501 and Paul Groh for their repeat comments and fascinating feedback. Other commenters-like Bubbles, Pokey, Jonathan Wilson and Paul F. Etcheverry-are also appreciated. 

My relatives PVH, Vincent Hale, and The F are real nice for showing up here too.

And also thanks to all my followers who have not (yet) left any comments.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorite "animator reels". Normally I'd do the great Disney ones like Bill Tytla, Frank Thomas, and Ward Kimball, but instead here are some non-Disney animators, or ones klnown for elsewhere:

Additionally, Mr. Groh requested a caricature of my favorite of the Nine Old Men Ward Kimball, so here he is:

In conclusion: thanks, thanks, thanks!


  1. I wouldn't have recognised that as Ward Kimball if you hadn't labelled it, but I think you've captured his personality more than just his physical likeness. Picking a favourite of the Nine Old Men is tough, but I'd have to say Marc Davis. His work is so graceful and elegant, I just love it. But Kimball was in a class by himself.

    Best wishes for your second month, and the ones after that!

    1. I'll try better some other time. Thanks!

    2. Not an expert on Marc. Ward is my favorite, then Frank, then Ollie, then Milt. The rest don't interest me tremendously...yet.

    3. Well okay, maybe it is an extreme cartoonish caricature, but if someone told me that was someone from the GAC, I would have said Ward Kimball immediately. In fact, that's the very first thing I thought when I saw it without reading. The hair, the glasses, the bow tie, and also the nose somehow... those are all Kimball signature features.

      I love Marc Davis too, he is among my truly favorites when it comes to features; I mean, he's the greatest animator of women ever. So clear and graceful, yet so subtle and complex.

    4. Well, I'm sure many would argue Grim Natwick for that one. I like Fred Moore's girls. Not real deep but they move like women!

    5. Natwick is great, but to me... no chance.
      Fred Moore's babes are the best, would never deny it, you cannot beat his models. And the animation too, simple but very feminine. Well, it's Moore after all, the genius of charming simplicity.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!

  3. Love all the old stuff, like nailing shoes to the floor.


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