More Content And Some Dinosaurs

I added more content, like a full Favorites List. I removed the "About" tab, since you can read all about me on my profile. There's now one review: for Hollywood Cartoons, on the Reviews tab.

For dinosaurs, here's some sketches of prehistoric reptiles I did last week:

I did these when I heard that Walt Disney told his animators to do "real dinosaurs" for "The Rite of Spring" in Fantasia. I wondered what a "cartoon dinosaur" would look like, so I gave it my own interpretation. I like the brontosaurus the best cause he looks the most friendly. I named them Bruno, Tyrone, and Terry (hee hee ho ho). If I use them is the question here. (The scribbled guy was my attempt at a " Hollywood wolf" that failed miserably). 


  1. Hi, glad you started your blog!

  2. I like these drawings, very fluid touch. The Bronto is the best, with his silly expression. The Tyranno is good too with that big goofy forehead: I can totally see it in some Tex Avery prehistory silly spot gag.
    My style was similar to yours when I was younger, I liked exaggerated cartoony traits, but my drawings were not as well caricatured as yours; more on the 90s absurdness style. With time I became more controlled and looked for realism, mainly because I always like to learn different approaches and try to use them for my stuff.
    I've always drawn comic strips too, maybe the thing that I do best, cause I also love to write.
    And what about you? Do you ever use the characters you create? Like, in comics, or vignettes?

    1. Thank you! I used to be a big fan of Rocko's Modern Life as a teen, so there may be some of that somewhere. But the GA is my inspiration station now.

      How's your strips? I'm going to sell one of my to a local paper soon. I've tried anthropomorphic graphic novels (I grew up on Marvel and DC), but my style is too Averyesque to work. Maybe I should study Dell Comics?

  3. The Ptera is my favorite. Very Woody Woodpecker-like.

    1. Thanks! Your art is 1000% better than mine, though!


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