Identify This Animator, Identify This Animation

I need some help from the experts!

First, please identify this man. He is an animator at the Lantz studio. 

Here he is being explained at length a scene with Oswald (the realistic, unappealing version):

Who was he? Here's what it's from, a newsreel on how cartoons were made from 1936, called Cartoonland Mysteries:

Maybe he's Tony Stark. I can see it now: Invincible Iron Man: Animator Before Inventor.

Secondly, there is this scene from The Three Stooges short A Bird in the Head, when an x-ray reveals that Curly has, well, just that.

The scene is animated. I believe it was Emery Hawkins, and that I've heard that somewhere. I think he may have been at Columbia's animation studio at this time. Do you know? Here's the short itself:

Thank you, anyone.


  1. Mark Kausler1/24/2023

    I think that's Manuel Moreno, Buddy, working for Walter Lantz. I don't know who animated that scene of Curly's X-Ray.

    1. Thanks, Mark! Figured you'd know!

  2. I agree with Mark. That would be my guess.


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