Welcome to Buddy's Cartoons! Here, I talk all about the Golden Age of Animation, which was the greatest era in film history, because artist were able to defy reality for either beauty or, more frequently, crazy comedy! The Golden Age of Animation, in case you don't know what that was, was American commercial (and some military) animated feature films and shorts made from 1929 to various points in the Sixties. This site will also focus on other more modern works in relation to the Golden Age as well as "legacy works" (Space Jam and A Goofy Movie and the like).

All of the content here is not in the posts at Home (which is for updates and random thoughts) but in the tabs. "Essays" and "Reviews" are updated regularly, so check those out!

I discovered GA cartoons a number of years ago when I was still in high school. I started watching Looney Tunes on Boomerang and noticed how much better they were than today's crap.

Most of my articles are on MGM at the moment. I'd like to do ones on Disney and Warner Bros., but people have exhausted these studios to death in Film Comment and Funnyworld and in analysis books (and we get Betty Boop already-gosh!). MGM is usually ignored, so articles on it are the majority. 

Along with that love I have used it to become an entirely self-taught cartoonist.

I try to make a habit of responding to every comment, but since I'm always busy, it may take a while to get back. If you haven't gotten a response in a while, don't feel bad! I'll probably get back to you soon.

So look around, and have fun!

My Favorite Animated Shorts

Rabbit of Seville (Warner Bros.), Magical Maestro (MGM), Northwest Hounded Police (MGM), Who Killed Who? (MGM), Homesteader Droopy (MGM), Kitty Kornered (Warner Bros.), Baby Bottleneck (Warner Bros.),  Deputy Droopy (MGM), Motor Mania (Disney), Hockey Homicide (Disney), Wackiki Wabbit (Warner Bros.),  The Dover Boys (Warner Bros.), Little Rural Riding Hood (MGM), Tee for Two (MGM), Salt Water Tabby (MGM), Swing Shift Cinderella (MGM), Duck, Rabbit! Duck! (Warner Bros.), Wild and Woolfy (MGM), The Cat That Hated People (MGM), High Diving Hare (Warner Bros.), Cheese Chasers (Warner Bros.), The Three Little Bops (Warner Bros.),  The Country Cousin (Disney), One Froggy Evening (Warner Bros.), Porky Pig's Feat (Warner Bros.), Pizzicato Pussycat (Warner Bros.), Chow Hound (Warner Bros.), Porky's Preview (Warner Bros.)Wagon Heels (Warner Bros.), Porky in Wackyland (Warner Bros.), Yankee Doodle Mouse (MGM), Chicken Little (Disney)

My Favorite Animated Features

PinocchioDumboFantasiaBambiThe Three Caballeros, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

My Favorite Animation Director (or Similar Roles)

Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Walt Disney, Bob Clampett, Friz Freleng, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbara, Jack Kinney, Ward Kimball, Frank Tashlin

My Favorite Animators

Bill Nolan, Bill Tytla, Milt Kahl, Jim Tyer, Ub Iwerks, Bobe Cannon, Mike Lah, Ward Kimball, Fred Moore, Frank Thomas, Bill Melendez, Walt Clinton, Josh Meador, Irv Spence, Rod Scribner, Woolie Reitherman, Grant Simmons

My Favorite Cartoon Characters

Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Pluto, Bimbo the Dog, Daffy Duck, Droopy, Andy Panda, Goofy, Southern Wolf

Dedicated to Winsor, for starting it; to Walt, for refining it; and to Tex, for expanding it.